When your child starts to diversify his diet, it is important to help him create a good eating habit. To achieve this, there are a number of tips that you can follow. In the next few lines of this article, you will discover the best of these tips.

Introduce foods one after the other to the baby’s plate

Generally speaking, a child starts to eat different foods from the sixth month onwards. Of course, breast milk or infant milk is and remains the central food for a baby. But he also needs new foods to develop well. So to help your child eat well, you need to introduce each food one after the other on his plate. For example, you can start with pureed vegetables and cooked fruit compotes. It is essential that you get him used to vegetables so that he can recognise their flavour. By introducing each food to your child step by step, you will allow him to discover several tastes, to refine his preferences and to limit the risks of food blockage while growing up.

Avoid forcing your baby to eat as much as possible

It may happen that your baby refuses to eat the food you present to him. If this happens, don’t force your baby to eat, as this can lead to a dislike of food. For your baby, eating should be a pleasure, not an obligation or a punishment. Be aware that feeding a child can be a matter of patience, as you can introduce the same food several times before he accepts it. On the other hand, you can introduce a food that they will like at first. So you need to know how to deal with a little one when it comes to feeding. However, if the refusal to eat persists as your child grows, you should seek advice from a paediatrician, as this may be a case of food neophobia.

Vary your child’s diet

If, for example, your child loves carrots, you should serve them. But that’s no reason to serve pureed carrots at every meal, because your baby needs to develop and learn to taste at the same time. You should therefore follow the seasons to diversify the vegetables and fruits. You can also entertain and stimulate your baby with well laid-out plates and colourful dishes.